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S.A.D. Lights

There are different ways you can reschedule your Sleep with the help of light treatment: The principle behind light therapy for Sleep is that exposure to light in the morning advances the sleep phase, whereas light in the evening delays it. The key is to time light therapy according to your internal clock, not the […]

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Treating SAD

For those in the Mid-west area, the Chicago Sun-Times just did an article about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Bright ideas to treat despair of Seasonal Affective Disorder By Jean Guarino Anyone who says the cheerful rays of the sun don’t have a positive effect on your disposition has obviously never muddled through a depressingly dark Chicago […]

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Light Therapy for Daytime Sleepiness in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson‚Äôs disease (PD) is very frequently associated with poor overnight sleep and daytime sleepiness. We have a regular internal sleep/wake cycle that keeps us awake and keeps our sleep time on track. Being exposed to bright light therapy has been shown to improve the sleep/wake cycle in people with sleep problems as well as in […]

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Light Therapy Treatment & Treating Parkinson’s Disease

Light therapy treatment is most commonly used for treating different kinds of depression. Recently, light therapy has been used in treating Parkinson’s disease, not just the depression of Parkinson’s patients but to help alleviate motor problems as well. Bright light stimulates two neurotransmitters that Parkinson’s sufferers lack: serotonin and dopamine. When light reaches a certain level of […]

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