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Daylight Saving Time Ends

Sunday, November 4, marked the end of Daylight Saving Time this year, and unlike the springtime transition in March, turning the clocks back an hour in November means a precious extra hour of sleep! Compared to the jet lag-like feeling that comes with turning the clocks forward in the spring, this weekend’s extra hour of sleep felt like […]

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Insurance Claims – Light Therapy Video Tip

Insurance Claims Many customers always ask if their insurance company will cover the expense of a light box. Many of the major insurance companies authorize and reimburse the purchase of light therapy product. But it varies from person to person. It can change depending on your insurance company as well as the policy you have […]

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Diagnosing SAD

Diagnosing Seasonal Affective Disorder can be tricky. There is no test for it. And since it is related to seasonal patterns it can take a few years of observation to make that connection. But if your symptoms can be traced to the causes of seasonal affective disorder then your treatment can be much more effective. The first […]

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Treating Sleep Disorders With Bright Light Therapy

Before going straight to sleep medications or stimulants for patients with sleep disorders, try prescribing bright light therapy (also called phototherapy). Many find it useful for patients with insomnia, and circadian rhythm disorders such as delayed sleep phase disorder, advanced sleep phase disorder and jet lag. Bright light therapy is also helpful for patients with […]

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SAD Lights Cure Depression

Ever wonder why you feel off during the winter season? You binge on food and feel like sleeping all the time. The wimpy-jumpy-and-hypersensitive you take over and you lack the energy and enthusiasm to do things – even getting in the sack! SAD light just might be the happy solution for your problem. You’re not […]

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