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Bright Light Therapy

It seems that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is starting to gain more attention in the news. Along with it, comes treatment options, like light therapy. Yahoo News recently had a video about how bright light therapy can help you trick your brain into thinking it’s summer all year long. Click HERE to watch the video. […]

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The Different Forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Different Forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder These are some of the symptoms you can expect to find in most aspects of your life. If you find that you’re out of sorts during the winter, pay particular attention to winter-onset SAD. If you find that summer is especially difficult for you, see if your symptoms […]

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Feeling SAD?

During the winter months, the days get shorter and the nights longer. For many people–an estimated 6 to 10 percent of Americans–this change of schedule triggers a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder [SAD]. Symptoms can appear gradually or come on all at once, beginning in late fall then subsiding in spring–and often returning […]

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Differences in Lighting

Common Electric Light Bulb This is the most common type of lighting sources we use. It is also one of the least efficient. This passes electricity through a metal filament to produce heat. When the temperature reaches 943 degrees F (500 degrees C) the filament begins to give off light as well as heat. The […]

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