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Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum

Ever had questions about Broad Specturm vs. Full Spectrum light bulbs? Check out our video on YouTube: Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum – Alaska Northern Lights Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum Full spectrum¬†light bulbs are made to try to imitate natural sunlight, and like sunlight, they also produce UV rays. Full spectrum light is described […]

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How Seasons Affect Moods

Most people experience some sort of change in their mood and behavior when the seasons turn. Shifts in the amount of available environmental light over the seasons may have a profound effect on your body chemistry. Some individuals notice a decrease in energy levels and require more sleep as the light decreases. Other potential behavioral […]

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Tanning Beds Banned in B.C.

Here is an article about tanning beds being banned for kids and teens in British Columbia. Might give you more insight on why UV rays is harmful, and why we like to use broad spectrum light bulbs in our light box. For those suffering from depression or seasonal depression, what do you think about tanning […]

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SAD in the News

FOX News recently had an article online about ‘What is Seasonal Affective Disorder’ – always nice to see more and more news companies releasing stories about SAD. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an annually recurring depression that typically affects an individual at the same time every year. While some people attribute a run-down feeling to […]

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Recognize SAD

Many parts of the United States has recenlty been hit with snow, rain or just plain cold temperature. It’s also when people are really feeling SAD. ¬†And by SAD I mean their Seasonal Affective Disorder. Recognizing the Onset of SAD Are your mood swings more aggravated during winter? Do you feel a deep sense of […]

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