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Brain Scans Show Cause of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Scientists say they have identified the underlying reason why some people are prone to the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People with Sad have an unhelpful way of controlling the “happy” brain signaling compound serotonin during winter months, brain scans reveal. As the nights draw in, production of a transporter protein ramps up […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder — in the Summer

The weather outside is getting warmer, the days are growing longer, events like graduations and weddings and outdoor barbeques are looming on the horizon. People expect you to be happy right now, but instead you actually feel more depressed and irritable than in the winter. Why? Despite what you think, you aren’t alone feeling this […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder May Be Impacted By Time of Year Born

HealthDay News — Researchers believe they’ve pinpointed the part of the brain responsible for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD — which affects 4 to 6% of Americans — is a type of depression that occurs during winter. It’s thought to be caused by the lack of sunlight during that season. In experiments with mice, Vanderbilt […]

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Majority of psychiatrists prescribed bright light therapy for SAD

Almost 75% of surveyed psychiatrists reported using bright light therapy in their practice, and all but one clinician prescribed it for patients with seasonal affective disorder in a recent study. Researchers said a low response rate may have confounded the results for prescribing this therapy to treat SAD, which typically manifests itself in October for […]

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Mayo Clinic: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Symptoms In most cases, seasonal affective disorder symptoms appear during late fall or early winter and go away during the sunnier days of spring and summer. However, some people with the opposite pattern have symptoms that begin in spring or summer. In either case, symptoms may start out mild and become more severe as the […]

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