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Mayo Clinic: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Symptoms In most cases, seasonal affective disorder symptoms appear during late fall or early winter and go away during the sunnier days of spring and summer. However, some people with the opposite pattern have symptoms that begin in spring or summer. In either case, symptoms may start out mild and become more severe as the […]

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6 Tips To Help Your Partner Overcome Depression

A problem plaguing whole of planet Earth right now is the silent killer called depression. There are millions who are affected by depression. It makes humans highly dysfunctional but to the normal eye they seem perfectly fine. For example, the actor Robin Williams was affected by depression. He was a famous comedian and actor. He […]

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Apps that can help fight depression

As temperatures struggle to stay out of the negatives, you might find yourself feeling a bit depressed. But you may be able to amp up your mood with just a few clicks on your smartphone. From cooking to shopping, gaming to social media, there’s an app for everything. There’s even apps aimed at boosting people’s […]

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How to Combat the Winter Weight Blues

Unfortunately, we still have a little bit of winter left to endure, but Sarah Larocque, a registered dietitian at Mount Auburn Weight Management Center, spoke to Boston.com about how to get our bodies through it. During the past few months of cold, snow, and ice, she has seen more people struggle with weight gain. “I […]

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How Climate Change & Seasonal Affective Disorder Are Interlinked

With major winter storms and a never-ending cold snap sweeping across parts of the country, many have fallen into a deep winter funk that they can’t seem to shake. It’s not altogether uncommon: around 20 percent of all Americans suffer from minor bouts of cold-weather induced depression, better known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But […]

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