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New Findings in Circadian Rhythm Study

  Results of the first study of its kind to link abnormalities in circadian rhythms to changes in specific neurotransmitters in people with bipolar disorder will be published this week in the journal Biological Psychiatry. The three-year study conducted by McLean researchers points to specific neuroanatomical changes in human subjects with these illnesses, and specifically […]

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“My Depression Looks Like” Twitter Hashtag

When you picture depression, you might picture somebody laying in bed, too sad to get up. But while that might be one symptom for some people with depression, it can look and feel very different for each individual. That’s what the Twitter hashtag “My Depression Looks Like” is showing: Depression doesn’t always match the stereotypes […]

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All About Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Circadian Rhythm is the physiological process of living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and even some bacteria, according to the official definition. But we’re here to discuss this process in humans. A normal circadian rhythm cycles over a twenty four hour light-dark period involving biological activity such as cell regeneration and hormone production (while we […]

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5 Ways the Weather Influences Your Health

How many times have you woken up to a bluebird day and happily thought, “Today is going to be a great day!” Now think back to a day that started out grey, dark, and rainy. What was your outlook? Were you less likely to jump out of bed ready to face the day? Perhaps all […]

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Light Therapy Treatment For Chronic Pain

A new study in neurology from McGill University finds that lightbox therapy can be used as a non-invasive chronic pain therapy approach. Researchers were able to breed mice with light-sensitive neurons (called Nav 1.8+ nociceptors) in a region of the brain responsible for pain transmission. Once exposed to yellow light, these neurons ended up reducing […]

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