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5 Ways the Weather Influences Your Health

How many times have you woken up to a bluebird day and happily thought, “Today is going to be a great day!” Now think back to a day that started out grey, dark, and rainy. What was your outlook? Were you less likely to jump out of bed ready to face the day? Perhaps all […]

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Light Therapy Treatment For Chronic Pain

A new study in neurology from McGill University finds that lightbox therapy can be used as a non-invasive chronic pain therapy approach. Researchers were able to breed mice with light-sensitive neurons (called Nav 1.8+ nociceptors) in a region of the brain responsible for pain transmission. Once exposed to yellow light, these neurons ended up reducing […]

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Does Your Brain Work Differently Depending On The Seasons?

The brain is the body’s the most mysterious organ. It functions in ways that experts are still trying to figure out. As much as we know about this organ, there are still various things left to discover and learn. For instance, did you know that the brain functions differently in winter than it does in […]

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Crazy Ways The Weather Influences Your Health and Behavior

If you’re a human being living on this planet, chances are you’ve had some opinions about the weather. But the way weather affects you may go deeper than that: The temperature and conditions outside have a direct effect on how you feel physically and mentally, according to a growing body of research. As extreme weather patterns become the norm […]

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Sun Spot – Light Therapy Bus

Recently, we have been working with 2 great ladies to bring more light to Duluth, Minnesota. Sisters, Katherine and Sue, have created a bus that provides people with light therapy all over Duluth. Their bus has 12 Aurora Light Pad Minis mounted to the ceiling with comfortable seating for participants to be able to hang […]

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