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Repair Center

Our light therapy boxes come with a full 7 Year Warranty¬†and part of that warranty includes repairs. If your light ever needs repairing, you can send it right to our repair center and we will get it back to you working perfectly again. Once we receive the unit, we usually have it shipped back out […]

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International Usage

Our light boxes are very versatile. They can be used to treat many different illnesses and can even be used all over the world! The Aurora LightPad Mini and the Aurora LightPad Max use an AC adapter that is compatible for 110-240v. These phototherapy light units can be used anywhere in the world that uses […]

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Vitamin D

We offer 1 unit that will help¬†raise your vitamin D levels – the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box. Our other units (NorthStar 10,000, Aurora LightPad Mini and Aurora LightPad Max) do not have any UV, so they will not give you any vitamin D. The Sperti Vitamin D Light Box is a special made lamp […]

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Bulb Installation – NorthStar 10,000 Light Box

When you first receive your NorthStar 10,000 Light Box, the bulbs will not be installed yet. In order to keep them from breaking during shipping, the bulbs are inside the light box wrapped in bubble wrap. Before you can get started with light therapy, you will need to open the unit and install a light […]

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If your light box is not working properly, it is most likely being caused by something that is easily repairable. Check out these quick troubleshooting ideas for your therapy light before you assume the worst. Aurora LightPad Mini and Aurora LightPad Max – if your LightPad does not seem to be working properly, it is […]

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