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Sun Spot – Light Therapy Bus

Recently, we have been working with 2 great ladies to bring more light to Duluth, Minnesota. Sisters, Katherine and Sue, have created a bus that provides people with light therapy all over Duluth. Their bus has 12 Aurora Light Pad Minis mounted to the ceiling with comfortable seating for participants to be able to hang […]

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Spring Brings Lots Of Health Benefits

Spring arrived on March 20 across countries including the US promising lot of sunshine, blooming flowers, warm weather after chilly winters and good health. You can peel off your winter wear and get ready to bask in sun. Spring is the season to celebrate good health. If winter chills had brought you down, now is the time to […]

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‘Green’ Ways To Help With The Winter Blues

Here in Canada, where our winter can last five months of the year, it isn’t hard to imagine that some of us can get what is commonly called the ‘winter blues.’ The clinical term for the extremes of this disorder is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Both ‘green’ design and interior design can help you get […]

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Tips For A Happier Year

Many people feel a slump in their mood after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The expectations of holiday events, the joy of spending time with loved ones and the frantic chaos can lead to a feeling of let down with the new year. It is important to check your emotional well-being and […]

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Winter Blues and Post Holiday Depression

The way your body reacts to the seasons is controlled by a very old and primitive part of the brain that is about the size of a walnut. It’s called the hypothalamus. Janis Anderson, director of the Seasonal Affective Disorders Clinical Services at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, likens it to a cluttered central clearing house, […]

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